Mario Kart is many kids’ introduction to the world of motorsports – a cartoonish video game with cartoonish characters performing cartoonish hijinks. The game is popular for its easy playability, endless hours of fun with friends and family, and insane obstacles. The release is legendary, spawning eight games in 25 years. However, there’s one item in the game that’s likely the cause of never-ending family feuds, divorces, and failed friendships – the banana peel. It’s a deadly weapon in the Mario Kart universe, capable of causing any character to spin wildly out of control during the race. Use it skillfully, and you can derail someone’s lead, sending them from first to last in seconds. 

Kids, frustrated by the game and its endless banana peels wondered if such a tactic could be used in the real world. Well, now we have an answer. TheHoonigans YouTube channel decided to take a 2018 Audi RS5 and drive it through about a thousand banana peels in hopes of seeing if they’re effective at causing a car to spin out of control.

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They got Andreas Bakkerud, factory Audi driver in the World Rallycross Championship, behind the wheel of the RS5 just in case things go sideways. The video shows a few dry runs around the circuit before the crew adds heaps of bananas to the course. The RS5 rockets through the pile, but it doesn’t spin out. Instead, you can see it understeer, pushing through the turn. The bananas make the surface slick, but it doesn’t send the Audi in an out-of-control spin. 

It’s not surprising the video game doesn’t mimic real life, but I would have liked to see what would happen if the driver tried to change direction while driving through the banana pile. I think this could upset the car’s balance and send it into a small spin, but even then, it wouldn’t mimic the game’s endless 360-degree twirl. 

Or they just need more bananas. 

Source: TheHoonigans

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