Freightliner with almost 2,000 horsepower does its dance at the El Toro U.S. Marine base in California.

Mike Ryan, a 12-time Pikes Peak Hill Climb champion, wants to show what else he can do in a semi truck.

Here he is in a Gulf-liveried Freightliner Cascadia doing his best to keep things on edge. As in, going right up to the tipping point and then swinging things back. Lots to handle with the Freightliner's 1,950 horsepower and more than 3,400 lb-ft (4605 Nm) of torque rolling on hand-made Michelins.

This all taking place at the United States Marine base in El Toro, California where Ken Block has been known to do his Gymkhana dance too.

Looks like fun by don't try this at home with your furniture delivery truck.

And by the way, this is a Bandito Brothers production.