The world seems to be enjoying something of a cool conversion van renaissance right now. We’ve seen quite a few new offerings for those seeking a modest mobile home-away-from-home, covering the gamut from inexpensive accommodations to extravagant go-anywhere command centers. The latest creations to come across our e-desk herald from Knaus Tabbert, a German-based company that specializes in pretty much all things camper-related. These two vans are just concepts so you can’t buy them, at least not yet. And that’s too bad, because in the world of conversion vans, these two rides – called the CUVolution and CUVision – certainly stand out from the crowd.

You can buy these cool camper vans, though:

Before we proceed, let’s decipher what Knaus Tabbert means with these curious names. CUV is familiar to most people as a crossover utility vehicle, but in this instance, it stands for a caravanning utility vehicle. A bit cheeky perhaps, but that’s why we have CU fused with vision and volution, as in evolution of course. Anyway, with that out the way, let’s look at what these sporty vacation-ready vans have to offer.

CUVision and CUVolution concept vans
CUVision and CUVolution concept vans

Unfortunately, we can’t really tell you much about them because Knaus Tabbert hasn’t told us much, either. The silver CUVision is built from the MAN TGE, a common van platform in European markets. It gets a body kit with a front spoiler, sculpted sides, and 22-inch Borbet wheels. The orange CUVolution stems from Weinsberg and wears a more aggressive exterior suit with oversized air intakes up front, mated to side body kit an roof spoiler on the back. The orange finish is contrasted with satin anthracite, and it’s safe to say you won’t lose sight of it in a campground – day or night.

There are no details on interior accommodations or if these concept vans have a performance bite to match the aggressive styling. The company says both vehicles represent the “visual future of the CUV,” and if you happen to be in Düsseldorf sometime during the coming week, you can see them for yourself at the Caravan Salon running from August 24 through September 2.

Source: Knaus Tabbert

Gallery: Knaus Tabbert CUVision And CUVolution Concept Vans

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Knaus Tabbert demonstrates powerful CUV expertise at the Caravan Salon in Dusseldorf

A look at the future of CUVs with show cars presented by KNAUS and WEINSBERG: CUVision and CUVolution

CUV artwork – airbrush event outside of Exhibition Hall 4

Jandelsbrunn. A CUV (Caravanning Utility Vehicle) is not a camper van. CUV – the vehicle with that special something. CUV means adventure, holidays, freedom, and spontaneity. Whether taking a trip into the country, a city trip, a summer or winter holiday – a CUV is the perfect companion for actively enjoying your free time, the ideal second vehicle, or it’s even perfectly suited as an everyday means of transportation. And because the Knaus Tabbert products precisely reflect these characteristics – such as being innovative, new and future‐shaping – we have defined and established this vehicle category.

Our KNAUS and WEINSBERG CUVs offer optimal use of space and the highest level of comfort while retaining their compact exteriors. At the Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf (24 August – 2 September), we will be presenting the improved and more thought‐out 2019 versions of the KNAUS BOXSTAR and BOXDRIVE, as well as CaraTour and CaraBus from WEINSBERG. Using clever solutions, such as the integration of the new 105‐litre water tank in the body’s sidewall, up to 25% more storage space is created. The new notched‐body assembly, manufactured using a sandwich construction technique with integrated insulation, snuggles effortlessly against the floor assembly. This way, it offers 370% more support area, 70% more EPS insulation as well as increased standing height. The best insulation and frost‐protected water pipes make the KNAUS and WEINSBERG CUV ready for winter. The optimised routing of the heating system ensures less noise in the sleeping area and significantly more distribution of heat in the vehicle. In the living area, the „floating‟ wall‐mounted luxury entry table allows an unobstructed entry to the dining area without being impeded by a cumbersome table leg. In the kitchen and bathroom, well thought‐out furniture and assembly construction offer lots of room and storage space. Additional comfort is guaranteed through the free‐standing shower cabin with low entrance step as well as the lowered, ergonomic toilet. The new, more modern design of our CUV both on the inside as well as outside reflects its dynamic character.

The future of the CUV
In Düsseldorf, Knaus Tabbert will present two extraordinary show cars to provide visitors with a first‐hand look at the visual future of the CUV. Both of these CUV concept vehicles have extremely pronounced fronts: the WEINSBERG CUVolution is accentuated through its very prominent colour scheme and its oversized air intake slots. Matt decorative strips in anthracite create a skilful contrast to the Liquid Chrome orange paint. The roof spoiler does not just look good and highlight the CUV’s sporty design; it also improves the vehicle’s aerodynamics. The KNAUS CUVision is based on the MAN TGE. KNAUS has been cooperating successfully with the Bavarian‐based commercial vehicle manufacturer since the beginning of the year, as evidenced by the impressive VAN TI PLUS. The CUVision impresses through its robust front spoiler, which nicely incorporates the design theme of the Xenon headlamps. A tendon‐like chrome clasp on the sides highlights the dynamic profile. Almost oversized 22‟ BORBET rims with corresponding tyres ensure safe road grip, even in the most unfavourable conditions. They also always provide the KNAUS CUVision with excellent traction and firm grip.
Both models, the WEINSBERG CUVolution and the KNAUS CUVision reflect the goal of Knaus Tabbert GmbH, which is to continue to enrich the camper van segment by offering highly attractive products and thereby further expanding the market of the unique CUVs.

Truly exceptional is also the KNAUS BOXSTAR 600 FAMILY, which will be designed into a one‐of‐a‐kind vehicle at the Caravan Salon: At the CSD, a rolling airbrush painting will be creating that is a unique vehicle. The artist Andreas Ponto represented by Dac Crew (agency for graffiti and airbrush) will be working outside of Exhibition Hall 4 and is looking forward to welcoming lots of visitors. After completion of the artistic CUV, this unique and well‐equipped BOXSTAR valued at €50,000 will be looking for a new owner. All visitors in Exhibition Hall 15 (here, all Knaus Tabbert CUVs will be on display) can participate in the prize draw.