Mule for the next-generation Clio RS is sporting different bumpers and a rear diffuser with twin exhaust.

Here's a set of spy shots of a mule for the upcoming Renault Clio RS.

These shots show a Clio RS being tested by a group of Renault engineers. The prototype appears to have lower bumpers and is sporting that rear diffuser with twin exhausts at the back.

The current Clio RS range comes with a naturally-aspirated 2.0 liter engine producing around 200 horsepower, depending on configuration. That may change for this future Clio RS, which may come to sport a smaller-displacement, turbocharged power plant more in line with what the competition is fielding these days. We know Renault is developing a series of small, turbo petrol engines which it will also supply to Mercedes-Benz. Those include a 1.8 liter turbo unit that serves as a good candidate for this next RS.

It's still very early in the development stage so we await more news patiently.

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2012 Renault Clio RS mule spied for the first time