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You don’t need a huge, extravagant camper to experience an adventure. There are some compact options out there that can fit friends and all the supplies for a week away. No, they’re not as ostentatious as the Mercedes Unimog camper, but the outdoors doesn’t require ostentatious, it requires functional, and Tipoon camping trailer is a perfect tiny trailer.

The trailer measures 5.5-feet wide, 5.5-feet tall, and 14.7 feet long. It’s tiny, but versatile, with a host of cool features such as bedding for up to four, hotplates, a fridge, shower, and toilet. A press of a button allows the camper to increase its living space three times thanks to a remote, providing 6.2 feet of interior height space. Everything about the Tipoon is designed to make the experience of setting up easy and worry-free, with the camper able to open and stabilize in seconds. You can also use the remote to close the Tipoon, too. 

Different campers for different folk

Tipoon allows for some customization, including an array of available colors. Customers can also pick a specific color, too, if they so choose. You can also pick out several accessories. The best part of a camping trip is having what you want with little hassle. 

The promos for the Tipoon show just how small it is, fitting in the shadow of the Jeep Renegade crossover. Together, the two look ready to tackle the great outdoors – and do it efficiently. No wasted space here. 

It seems like now more than ever before campers of all sizes are getting the spotlight. Maybe people are again venturing to the great outdoors and doing so without a backpack and tent. Whatever the reason, there’s no better time to go camping than now. There are plenty of camper choices that fit about every budget and need. You won’t conquer Mt. Everest in a Tipoon, but that’s okay.

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