Audi RS5 safety car failed to leave the track after the parade lap while the lights went full green.

A safety car that didn't pull off the track after a green light has caused a pile-up crash at the Paul Ricard High Tech Test Track during the Le Mans series race there over the weekend.

The Audi RS5 safety car somehow failed to leave the track after the warm up lap and blocked traffic as the cars roared upon seeing the green lights come on above signaling a full-go.

The LMP1 cars immediately behind the safety car were able to see the safety car ahead of them but the GT cars further back on the grid didn't and began crashing into each other.

Watch the video and see how it takes even the announcers a moment to realize what had happened. At first, they believe the safety car had miraculously managed to come back onto the track after the crash. Only later do they realized the safety car had caused it.