Jeremy Clarkson while host of Top Gear famously showed how horrible the three-wheeled Reliant Robin was to drive due to the single wheel in front that allowed the little car to tip over easily when attempting a hard turn. A video now shows that the trike doesn't make a very good aircraft, either. The little vehicle actually gets airborne suffers from a distinct lack of control for the pilot – sort of like its road-going counterpart.

Unfortunately, there's very little info about this bizarre aircraft. It's not quite clear whether this operates on a similar principal as an autogyro and the rotor is unpowered, with the pickup truck essentially acting as this vehicle's means of propulsion. Alternatively, whatever engine this thing has seems to be fairly weak because it takes quite a while for the rotor to get up to speed.

When the front wheel lifts into the sky, it's actually somewhat shocking because this trike doesn't look like something ever able to fly. The craft does a wheelie for a few feet down the runway before slipping the surly bonds of Earth and wobbling awkwardly into the air. The pilot seems to have things under control for a little while until the Reliant starts tipping from side to side. Once these oscillations start, the only way for the brief flight to end is in a crash.

The passenger side rear tire hits the ground first, and the rotor bends, ending any chance to return to the air. The now two-wheeled Reliant comes to a stop on the edge of the runway. The pilot is unharmed.

A clip from in the cockpit reveals that the pilot knows that things are going bad well before the crash. He's understandably swearing the whole time that the Reliant is careening into the ground.

Source: ViralHog via YouTube

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