This will ruin your day.

You’ve heard stories about treasure tucked away in the hull of a sunken Viking ship off the coast Maine. They’re a myth at this point, told over and over again to the point of parody. But there is a bit of truth to the claims – though they’re greatly exaggerated. The YouTube channel DALLMYD with Jake Koehler is all about finding more reasonable underwater treasures – sunglasses, GoPros, and phones. The latest video shows Jake helping recover a Ford Ranger that slipped into the water as the owner, Derek, tried to unload his kayak into the river.

The truck is submerged several yards from the boat launch. It appears the current moved it upriver. Jake happened to be passing by, saw the submerged vehicle, and lent a hand to the tow truck drivers trying to recover it. The video shows Jake – an “Angler, Freediver, Scuba Diver, Surfer, Spearfisherman, Treasure Hunter, and YouTuber” – attaching hooks and tow cable so they can pull it out of the river. 

Cars and water don't mix

As the truck inches toward shore, Jake climbs back into the water to put the truck in Park, but the transmission won't budge. Jake engages the parking brake instead. Once the truck makes it to shore, they open the doors, and water spills out. The truck looks like a total loss, and the owner, Derek, seems devastated. 

There’s plenty of times we’ve seen brand new shiny trucks putting massively large boats in various bodies of water only to have the truck roll in with the boat. But this was a beloved Ford Ranger, and it’s painful to watch Derek watch his Ranger being pulled from the river. Jake set up a GoFundMe in hopes of raising $10,000 so Derek can get a new truck. So far, within three days of starting the campaign, people have donated $8,470 toward the $10,000 goal. 

Hopefully, Derek can get a happy ending after this ordeal. All he wanted to do was go kayaking, and instead, he lost his pickup truck. 

Source: DALLMYD via YouTube

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