V12 power plant produces over 700 bhp (522 kW / 710 PS) and makes for a monstrous E-Class.

American tuner Speedriven has literally 'stuffed' a V12 into a W211 Mercedes-Benz E-Class with a little help from a friend.

That friend would be Tim Stoll of ALSA Automotive Engineering in Dubai who did some "heavy lifting" to help create this over 700 bhp (522 kW / 710 PS) monstrous E-Class. What that heavy lifting comprised of Speedriven doesn't say.

What Chicago-based Speedriven did provide is some of its S-Class hardware in the form of water-to-air intercoolers, "scorpion" air intakes, larger-sized fuel injectors, and home-made billet-wheel turbochargers. It also did the software work in the form of an ECU remapping.

Unfortunately, Speedriven also doesn't mention which V12 we're talking about here. Is it the M275 from AMG or just the base M275 5.5 liter V12 from Mercedes-Benz?

The tuner completes the package with a body kit from Brabus and a blacked-out grill for the proper sinister-looking front fascia.

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