New hardwood-frame bike will be handmade in Portland, Oregon and come in three variants.

Audi USA has unveiled its new 'Duo' hardwood bike - a collaborative creation between Renovo Hardwood Bicycles and the German premium brand.

Portland, Oregon-based Renovo is the world's only all-hardwood bike maker and Audi has commissioned from them a bicycle that will be representative of its luxury and performance brand values.

At first, the idea of a bike made of wood may seem a little retro but hardwood is actually well-suited to the task. The Duo is made of a monocoque hardwood frame that is stiff, durable and able to absorb shocks and vibrations while weighing about one-fourth of what an equivalent aluminum frame would.

And, of course, using wood makes the bike recyclable and biodegradable.

This bike is not just for show, either. It is hand-made and features belt drive, aluminum and carbon components, disk brakes and LED lights.

Audi will offer the Duo in three variants too.

The Duo City is an 8-speeder for urban dwellers and comes with an upright rider position for short distances and 32 mm tires. Price is $6,530.

The Duo Sport is an 11-speed long distance rider with 28 mm tires for less roll resistance and is priced at $7,350.

The Duo Road has is a performance road-going bike with thin tires and 20 speeds and a price tag of $7,460.

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