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Following a teaser image published at the end of June, Renault has now announced its new compact crossover will go by the name of “Arkana.” While the original teaser gave us the opportunity to have a look at the model’s front fascia, the new one reveals a good chunk of the derrière with an integrated spoiler lip and full-width taillights akin to the Megane and Talisman. As it’s the case with those two cars, the model’s name is positioned on the center of the tailgate, right below the corporate diamond logo.

Details are scarce at the moment of writing, but it is believed the new Arkana is going to be based on the Russian-spec Kaptur, a slightly bigger version of the Captur available throughout Europe. Unlike the Kaptur, the new coupe-SUV is set to become a global model as mentioned in the press release attached below. If you’re wondering about the origins of the vehicle’s name, it’s derived from the Latin “arcanum” meaning “secret.”


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Renault will host the official premiere in a week from today, on August 29, at the Moscow Motor Show. If you’re wondering why Russia’s capital has been selected as the venue for the Arkana’s debut, it’s because the coupe-SUV is going to be built there, initially to cater the local demand and then for other markets.

Bear in mind Renault describes the Moscow-bound Arkana as a “showcar,” which means it will probably be a near-production prototype rather than the final model. Still, it should give us a pretty good idea of what to expect from what will be a more affordable alternative to the Mercedes GLC Coupe, BMW X4, and next year’s Audi Q4.

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ARKANA, Renault’s new distinctive crossover

Renault’s new distinctive C-segment crossover will be named Renault ARKANA. The showcar of the new global model will be premiered at the Moscow International Motor Show 2018, on August 29th.

The new model’s name is derived from Latin ARCANUM (“secret”), which was used for centuries to mark events and phenomena of special significance. The name ARKANA underlines the uniqueness of the future crossover and its incredible magnetism. Concept of the ARKANA model is associated with mystery, attractiveness and pioneer spirit.

The distinctive new crossover Renault ARKANA is ready to break the mould of the SUV market thanks to its unique design. It will be first presented in Russia this summer as a showcar and launched on the market in 2019. This new Renault global crossover with its unique design will then be introduced in other countries.

Discover more about the Renault ARKANA, on August 29th during the Moscow International Motor Show or directly on Renault Media Website.

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