Even Batman has to do PR.

Imagine driving down the road and seeing a police car, lights flashing, behind the Batmobile. Uh oh, what did Batman do now? Nothing, according to the CBC Radio. Video of the Brampton Batman being pulled over by police spread online the last few days with plenty of jokes thrown around about the incident. However, it appears Batman – really Stephen Lawrence – did nothing wrong. 

In the video, you can see Batman jump from the Batmobile, his cape fluttering behind him. He speaks with the officer, and in a matter of seconds he’s climbing back into the Batmobile. The person taking the video even comments about the cop letting Batman off with what appears to be a warning. 

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However, that’s not what happened, according to Lawrence. In an interview with CBC Radio, Lawrence said the officer pulled him over to get a photo with him after an earlier interaction. Lawrence is aware of the effect the Batmobile and his appearance has on the public, with drivers eager to snap pictures and video – sometimes in an unsafe manner. 

"I try to avoid this because not only is it illegal, but also it is unsafe," he told CBC. 

Earlier, he flagged down the officer and asked her to dissuade people from taking photos. The officer agreed, but a little while later Lawrence noticed flashing lights behind him. That’s when you see him jump out of the Batmobile. He asked the officer if everything was alright, and she asked for a photo.  

So, no, Batman didn’t run a red light or got caught speeding to arrest the Joker. Instead, it was an officer looking for a photo op. It’s not everyday Batman flags you down and asks for help keeping other drivers safe. 

"My advice to fellow drivers definitely would be, please enjoy the sight and sound of, but with your cellphones, it's not a good idea," Lawrence told CBC Radio.

Source: CBC, ViralHog via YouTube