A father and son pair of hikers captured a harrowing video as they attempted to escape a wildfire at Glacier National Park in northern Montana. The two of them had been camping in the area when they noticed the fire, and the flames grew quickly. They attempted to drive out of the forest and filmed the horrifying scene. 

When the clip begins, the flames are immediately visible, but the fire is away from the road. The son is terrified of the scene, but the father does a remarkable job of remaining calm. However when your kid asks, "Dad, what happens if the car blows up?" The ideal response probably isn't this father's choice of: "Well, then we're dead."

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For a little while, it actually looks like they're driving away from the fire, but then things get even worse. They turn a corner and emerge into what looks like hell on earth. The flames are at both edges of the road and embers are blowing across the car. They eventually hit an impasse where a fallen tree is across the road. The father immediately decides to get out of the car and move the obstacle. That's where the clip ends.

Thankfully, this father and son survived this terrible scene. They were able to get to a nearby lake and were able to get the attention of some people in a boat. “We looked back and just saw the whole lakeshore where we had been maybe 10-15 minutes before just completely go up in flames,” Justin Bilton, the young man in this clip, told WHDH News in Boston, Massachusetts. 

Source: Storyful Rights Management via YouTube, WHDH News Boston via The Drive 

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