Hydrogen-powered fuel-cell electric sedan comes with 90 kW (122 PS / 121 bhp) and a fuel-economy of 34.9 km/liter.

Hyundai has introduced a new hydrogen fuel-cell concept car called the Blue2 at the 2011 Seoul Motor Show.

Also code-named the HDN-6, the Blue2 derives its name from a coupling of Blue Drive, Hyundai's green sub-brand, and H2, the symbol for hydrogen. The concept is Hyundai's attempt at getting ahead of its competitors in the race for hydrogen-powered electric vehicle technology. The Blue2 is meant to show the comfort and capabilities that a fuel-cell sedan can provide.

Powering the Blue2 is a 90 kW (122 PS / 121 bhp) fuel cell stack that delivers a mileage capability of 34.9 km/liter on the car. It comes with low roll-resistance tires and lightweight alloy wheels to bolster fuel-economy.

Design-wise, the car is very much a 'futuristic concept'. Rear-view cameras replace the side-mirrors and there's an automatic door opening system. The Blue2 comes with wider seats for easy access and exit and a some new technologies such as the Transparent Organic LED monitor on the center console which provides a more vivid display. There's also the Motion Sensor Moustick - a wheel and sensor that create a new way for the driver to more easily operate the infotainment system.

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