The Ferrari F430 was seized by police for making too noise

If you have a Ferrari F430 and drive it in Germany, try to avoid playing much with the acceleration pedal - because you could be charged for making noise above the limit. That is exactly what happened to Seif al-Arab, the son of the Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi.

The 25 year old student is registered as a student in Munich, but the influence of his father didn’t help him to prevent his Ferrari F430 from being seized by German police after he had been previously warned. Officers claimed they recorded 110.5 decibels from the sports car's exhaust system instead of the permitted 98 decibels. Consequently, they loaded it on to a lorry and drove it away. The Libyan student must pay a £100 fine for noisy exhaust, and it is also believed that Seif al-Arab may be required to pass the German driving test after his international license might be invalid.

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