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Shmee, one of the Internet's automotive heroes, has decided it's time to give his Lamborghini Gallardo convertible an oil change. Rather than just dropping off the Italian supercar at the mechanic and waiting patiently for the work to get done, the high-pitched-voice host puts on some rubber gloves, picks up some tools, and does the work himself – with some supervision from a professional.

The Gallardo is so low that there's no way someone could lie down on a creeper and get underneath the Lamborghini to change the oil. A lift is an absolute necessity to get the work done. Even before putting the car in the air, it's necessary to pull the dipstick and loosen the oil filter. Then, the car gets high to allow for access to the underbody.

Get Your Hands Dirty By Changing A Supercars' Oil:

The first step in really changing the Gallardo's oil is removing its underbody panels. These pieces clean up the airflow when the vehicle is on the road and provide a modicum of protection from debris. When them out of the way, there's full access to all of the drivetrain's drain plugs. A few of them are easy to find, but a couple are in concealed positions that make the job a little tougher. 

Shmee successfully gets the old oil out, and the new stuff goes in. Letting the engine run briefly lets it circulate. An initial check of the dipstick shows there's not enough oil, so the technician adds some more. The work isn't done yet, though, because the Gallardo still needs a fresh filter, and the underbody panels have to go back onto the vehicle.

The whole process of changing the oil on the Lamborghini looks time-consuming but not necessarily difficult. If you have the necessary tools and a lift, this is probably a job that a person could do in a home garage.

Source: Shmee150 via YouTube

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