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Few cars are so revered around the world as classic air-cooled Porsches. The passion among these Porsche enthusiasts is so great that it’s spawned an annual event called Luftgekühlt, which for the past five years has brought together all kinds of air-cooled Porsche owners and fans alike. The event takes place in California, spearheaded by noted Porsche racing driver Patrick Long and creative car guru Howie Idelson. SoCal already saw its air-cooled festival take over a lumber yard back in April, but organizers apparently came to the conclusion that one such day of awesomeness a year just wasn’t enough. And since air-cooled Porsche gearheads exist all over the globe, the event jumped the pond for the first Luftgekühlt U.K. gathering just a couple weeks ago in Oxfordshire.

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Carfection was on hand with video equipment to capture the rainy day – not necessarily unexpected in the English countryside but certainly a bit ironic for a celebration of air-cooled cars. Coming on the heels of this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed, the event saw plenty of delectable Porsches on hand, including the colorful classic 911 that went fearlessly up the hill in full attack mode. Judging from the video the turnout wasn’t quite as massive as the California event, but the quality of the cars was no less drool-worthy.

Luftgekuhlt U.K.
Luftgekuhlt U.K.

Nor was the backdrop, which played a significant role in making this event something of an artful affair. Luftgekühlt veteran Jeff Zwart made the trip to help with the set-up, using his creative eye and Porsche passion to not just park the cars, but to stage them in the surroundings that made it a Porsche photographer’s paradise. Some were on display inside out of the rain, but for the most part Zwart and the Luftgekühlt crew not only endured the wet weather, but used it to their advantage for this first-ever U.K. gathering.

Does this mean there will be more air-cooled Porsche festivals happening around the world? We sure do hope so.

Source: Carfection via YouTube

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