Readers of Top Gear Australia magazine will vote on which of the two Interceptor concepts featured here will go on to be made.

Mad Max is back. And Ford Australia wants in on the action.

Ford 'Down Under', partnering with local car mag Top Gear Australia, has devised these two new Mad Max Interceptor vehicles which will be featured in the April issue of the magazine.

The design of the vehicles was overseen by Ford's design director for Asia, Pacific and Australia, Chris Svensson. The two concepts seen here, by designers Nima Nourian and Simon Brook, will compete in a survey of Top Gear readers to see which one will continue on in the production process.

The cars feature updated versions of the weaponry seen in the original film, including a new taser to zap cars or bikers who get in the way of this new Interceptor. The original film had a 70s era black Ford XB coupe-based Interceptor.

George Miller, who directed all three Mad Max films, is planning a fourth installment of the series called Mad Max 4: Fury Road.

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