American tuner Hinson Motorsport converts the Z06 into a 1,428 bhp monster only to have it crash.

A highly-modified Corvette Z06 has crashed while trying to set a record at the Texas Mile high speed event.

The video shows the crash filmed from a safe distance as the car does several tumbles as it decelerates in chaotic style from 230 mph (370 km/h) to finally coming to a stop on its wheels again.

Fortunately the driver was unhurt and walked away from the scene.

The Z06 was from Hinson Motorsport which saw fit to tune the car into a 1,428 bhp (1065 kW / 1448 PS) monster. Oddly, it features a rear-mounted twin-turbo system. But you don't have to be a physicist to figure over 1,400 horses may just be too much power for the aerodynamics to handle. The thing doesn't even have a rear wing.

Below is a video of the same car doing a 214 mph (344 km/h) run last October.