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Car shoppers aren't looking at horsepower, torque, and the number of cupholders to influence their buying decision, a new report strongly suggests otherwise. If you think there’s too much negativity in the world, then this new study from Morning Consult won’t help because it appears new-car shoppers – 60 percent – said poor reviews would dissuade them from purchasing a specific model. 

The national survey, targeting 2,202 adults, also discovered that safety is also a factor. Of those surveyed 58 percent said that if a vehicle wasn’t as safe as other models, they would not purchase it. If a vehicle wasn’t spacious enough for a their needs, 48 percent said they would be dissuaded from buying that car. 

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Less important to consumers are things such as fuel economy and attractiveness. Forty-four percent of respondents said that if a model returns fewer miles per gallon than its competitors that they would consider buying something else. Thirty-one percent said if they felt a model was unattractive compared to others that they wouldn’t buy it. This is highly subjective. 

What’s interesting is what won’t dissuade people from buying a specific vehicle. For example, only eight percent of respondents said that they wouldn’t purchase an electric or hybrid vehicle. Also low on the list is brand loyalty. Only 17 percent said they wouldn’t buy a car from a brand they never purchased from before. 

The study is an interesting look at how people buy a car and what dissuades them from buying specific models. You’d think that by looking at the data, EVs and hybrids would sell at a higher rate, yet they don’t. Then again, this study didn’t ask about higher costs, which is something both hybrids and EVs experience compared to their internal-combustion-engine counterparts. Poor reviews and safety are at the front of people’s mind when looking for a new car. 

However, that doesn’t mean a glowing reviews would persuade someone into buying a new car. If that was the case, everyone would be driving a Miata. 

Source: Morning Consult 

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