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Spoiler alert: This video isn’t terribly exciting. Yet, it somehow manages to be absolutely riveting at the same time. Perhaps it’s our enthusiast DNA that wants to try and protect this rally-ready Ford Focus RS from what appears to be a third-pedal noob. Maybe we’re secretly waiting for a superhero to show up and take control, saving the Ford’s driveline from further catastrophe. Or, perhaps we get a cheap kick out of watching someone trying to learn the art of kissing the clutch just right.

The Focus RS is a red-hot hatchback:

In any case, the dash cam mounted to the windshield of this Ford Focus RS captured all the action, and yes, the driver stalls the car 11 times trying to go from a parking space to a nearby garage. The video comes from a YouTuber named OptimumX, who apparently is the owner of this hot hatchback. The description for the clip says the car was slated for a clear bra install, which is basically a type of clear paint protection.

We aren’t told exactly where this third-pedal faux pas takes place, but at the 1:12 mark we see a sign for a place called A Shade Darker, advertising window tinting and paint protection. A quick Google search brings us to a matching location in Santa Rosa, California, which is confirmed by the GPS coordinates shown on the bottom of the video. We can’t confirm this is the actual business that did the work (there could be other tint shops in the business park), but the stars do seem to align in that direction.

Ford Focus RS Stalled
Ford Focus RS Stalled

Wherever this place is, there isn’t a shortage of automotive eye candy in the area. With so many stalls we have ample opportunity to see quite a few Mercs, not to mention the Lamborghini Gallardo pulling out of the bay. The video finally wraps up with the Ford successfully making it into the shop, at which point the tech allegedly references how many time he killed the car. We say allegedly because we can’t hear what’s said, but the video poster apparently could because it’s subtitled at the top.

Internet, don’t be too hard on this person. Yes, stalling a car isn’t necessarily good for it, but in the grand scheme of things there was likely no harm at all done to this RS and hey, we all need to learn somewhere. By the end of the clip we were rooting for the underdog to take it home for the touchdown, but still, learning to drive a manual on someone else’s pride and joy isn’t the most professional thing to do.

Source: OptinumX via YouTube

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