Toyota FT-86 is a rear-wheel drive sport coupe expected to debut soon as a 2012 model.

Here is a behind-the-scenes video of the Toyota FT-86 II doing its posing for the camera.

The photo shoot, though, doesn't reveal any new details of the car, unfortunately. But we do get to revel in the FT-86's democratic sports car appeal.

The rear-wheel drive Toyota FT-86 is expected to debut either sometime later this year or in 2012. The car will come with a Boxer engine (shared with Subaru which will have its own FT-86-based variant) coupled to a six-speed manual transmission.

But we can only speculate about the specs of that Boxer engine. We've heard varying reports and this concept has been around for so long that, well, we can wait until Toyota officially announces the production version with all the right specs too.

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