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We’ve seen some amazing car collections over the years, but when your last name is Miura, the bar is set a bit higher than most. Mr. Miura is a notable car buff in Japan and Shmee150 recently had an opportunity to check out his collection. Folks, sit down and get comfortable for this one, because it's quite special indeed.

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Before we go further, here’s a spoiler alert. With a name like Miura you’re probably expecting this collection to be an ode to all things Lamborghini. There are a few notable bulls in this sea of exquisite machinery, but Mr. Miura’s soft spot for supercars seems to fall with Ferrari.

Case-in-point, his collection of ultra-rare hyper Ferraris starting with the epic 288 GTO, followed of course by a yellow F40 (and an exceedingly rare race-spec edition in Rosso Corsa), F50, Enzo, and of course a LaFerrari. The cars look fantastic, but they should since many still wear factory fresh plastic wrapping inside and haven’t been driven at all. The red Enzo has seen some miles, but perhaps that’s because a silver zero-mile Enzo is holding down the fort.

Miura Private Car Collection
Miura Private Car Collection
Miura Private Car Collection
Miura Private Car Collection


This epic collection isn’t all Ferrari, however. There’s a super-rare Lamborghini Reventon in its menacing satin gray finish, and yes, of course there’s a Miura in Mr. Miura’s collection. It’s all quite astonishing to behold, but then the video heads to the other building. That’s right – there more.

The second room is where the boring stuff is kept. By that we mean mainstream machines like, you know, a Nissan GT-R Nismo N Attack Package, a limited-edition Lamborghini Gallardo, and a production-spec Aventador. It’s also this room where we find not one, but three Lamborghini Countach supercars, though one is said to actually be a Countach prototype. Apparently being named Miura does have some advantages, especially considering the collection stretches into a third location with one of only two Lamborghini Formula 1 cars known to exist.

Our photo gallery has some highlights, but the video is definitely a great way to spend your 15-minute break at work. Kick back and enjoy – you’ve earned it.

Source: Shmee150 via YouTube

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