Nissan Tiida ad shows two Ford engineers rapping about how much money they pocket by overcharging for the Focus.

Ford's Brazilian unit has filed a lawsuit against Nissan's management in Brazil for running a television advertisement that mocks Ford for its high prices.

The YouTube posting of the ad for the Nissan Tiida is available here above. And it's pretty funny. It's a cartoonish take on gangster rappers surrounded by bikini-clad women. The two rappers in the commercial are Ford engineers boasting about how much money they have pocketed by overcharging customers for the Ford Focus seen in the ad.

But Ford isn't laughing. The company has filed a criminal suit against Nissan Brazil and have forced an injunction against the airing of the ad. The ad was pulled on March 3.

The suit was filed with the local police in the city of Sao Jose dos Pinhais, in the southern state of Parana where Renault-Nissan has a production plant. The complaint alleges "improper brand use" and "unfair competition" on the part of Nissan, according to Reuters sources.

Nissan ranks 12th in terms of market share in Brazil with only 1.6 percent of total vehicles sales there. The automaker is definitely trying to make its way up the ladder to compete against the big brands in the Brazilian market such as Fiat, Ford and General Motors.