Cruising is cool again.

I think many of us forget how formative our teenage years are, especially when it comes to the automobile. Yes, kids today aren’t investing in cars and driver licenses like they used to, but that doesn’t mean the car is any less important to growing up. It allows teenagers freedom they never before experienced, allowing them to learn about the world and themselves away from the watchful eye of parents. We cruise because we can, aimlessly driving because a car is a better place to hang than at home. And Cruise, a new movie from the writer of The Wrestler and The Founder, looks to capture that youthful joy of late 1980s car culture. 

Cruise stars Spencer Boldman as Gio Fortunato, an Italian kid from Queens who loves cars and girls. That all changes when he meets Jessica, played by Emily Ratajkowski. She’s a girl from Long Island who likes to find thrills on the wrong side of the tracks. The synopsis is thin, but it appears the movie revolves around the youth culture of the late 1980s – 1987 to be exact – and how Gio and Jessica’s summer fling turns dark when they cross the wrong people. 

Other cool car things to watch :

No movie about 80s youth culture would be complete without cars and Cruise is filled with them. Gio drives what appears to be a Buick Grand National – or a standard Regal made out to be a Grand National. We also see a first-generation VW Rabbit convertible, second-gen Chevy Camaro Z/28, and a third-get version, too. While these are featured prominently, there are plenty of hidden treasures hiding in the background. 

Cruise looks like an entertaining look at 80s youth car culture. Cars have changed a lot since then, as has the culture surrounding them. Kids today may not flock to the automobile like they once did, but there’s still a young, healthy car culture out there if you look hard enough. Maybe one teen will go see Cruise and be inspired to take an interest in cars. That’d make the price of admission worth it. 

Source: Vertical Entertainment LA via YouTube

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