Next-generation 2013 C-Class range will dramatically reduce its CO2 emissions ratings.

More than having a hybrid variant for each model in its range, Mercedes-Benz is going further than that on the next-generation C-Class expected in 2013.

(Last year we reported on plans Mercedes-Benz has for an all-hybrid S-Class lineup too.)

Now, according to a report by Autocar, Mercedes-Benz wants a hybrid version of each variant in the next-generation C-Class range expeced in 2013.

In an effort to dramatically reduce CO2 emission on the C-Class family, Mercedes-Benz will hybridize the entire range, including diesels, with the smallest output diesel engine aiming for an emissions quotient of just 100 g/km. For the most frugal petrol power plant, the automaker wants a C02 rating of no more than 120 g/km.

According to Autocar, Mercedes-Benz is already in the midst of testing early prototypes and is even considering developing a new three-cylinder for the C-Class range. As we know, BMW has confirmed it is developing a three-cylinder power plant for its compact models.

Mercedes-Benz is also considering cylinder deactivation tech for its four-cylinder units that would reduce the engine to operating on just 2-cylinders when less power is needed.

The premium automaker is also developing new engine, transmission and wheel bearings designs that reduce friction and improve fuel-economy.

Weight on the next C-Class will also be reduced by around 10 percent, according to the report.

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