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Keeping a record of every detail about your car is difficult. There are apps out there that try to fill this space, but they’re not ideal or lack the versatility necessary to keep track of what you want the way you want it. That’s where Petrolog comes into play. Right now, it’s seeking funding on Kickstarter, and it looks like it could be a great solution to those who want to keep records in a more tangible fashion. 

Maintenance matters:

The 40-page booklet is filled with pages you can use to keep track of your vehicle’s maintenance data. For instance, there is a service section for things such as oil changes, brakes, and tires. There’s a fuel mileage log, too, with enough room to hold, on average, two years worth of vehicle data. And if those categories don’t tickle your fancy, there’s are dot-grid interior pages for miscellaneous notes. 

The idea for the booklet came from a frustration with technology, spreadsheets, and apps. 

Petrolog Booklet
Petrolog Booklet
Petrolog Booklet

“I jumped head first into classic car ownership a little over two years ago and I recall coming up with the idea that would become the Petrolog while driving a 47-year-old car I had just purchased off craigslist,” says Kyle Johnston, Petrolog founder. “Apps and spreadsheets frustrate me and they didn’t really jive with the ethos of the 3-pedal carbureted machine I was now the steward of. When describing the project to my fellow enthusiasts I found I wasn’t alone in this need for a convenient well designed maintenance book. So I set out to make one.”

The booklet looks great, and offers enough flexibility to please just about anyone out there looking for a solution to track their vehicle’s maintenance. I know I’ve tried apps in the past to keep track of oil changes and fuel stops. But then you switch phones and lose data or forget your password, and everything is gone. Petrolog is a handy solution in an ever increasing digital world. 

If you think this is something you’d like, head over the Petrolog’s Kickstarter and pledge some money. 

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