Richard Rawlings made a name for himself as the outspoken host of Discovery Channel's Fast N' Loud TV show, and the owner of Dallas, Texas-based Gas Monkey Garage. But now he's making headlines for a different reason. While drag racing a Dodge Challenger Hellcat during Roadkill Nights on Woodward Ave in Pontiac, Michigan, Rawlings came face to face with a barrier.


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The crash happened right after launch, about a minute and a half into the video. Rawlings, in a black Dodge Challenger Hellcat, squared up against professional NHRA drag racer Leah Pritchett in the Woodward celebrity drag race event. As the light turned green, he spun his tires a bit too aggressively, leaving a cloud of smoke in his path.

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In an attempt to correct his showboating, Rawlings smacked hard into the driver's side barrier. Thankfully, the car wasn't moving that quickly and Rawlings was able to drive away unscathed… apart from a bruised ego. The car suffered some minor damage to the front bumper but still made its way down the course.

"It felt great," joked Rawlings in the video. "I felt like I was in the lane– I felt like I was getting a little out of the lane when I hit the wall but I was good… I was so far behind at the time I figured why not show the crowd something and, you know, hit the wall, do a little something."

Naturally, Rawlings didn't move on to the next round of the competition. At the end of the celebrity drag race event, WWE superstar Bill Goldberg took home the title of fastest celebrity drag racer on Woodward.

Source: Boosted Scat Pack / YouTube

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