Not all battles happen at the track.

The Great Pony Car Wars continue to wage in the 21st century. However, it’s just as much about horsepower, torque, and lap times as it is about price. One automaker can have the fastest, most capable performance car on the market, but if its competitor is thousands of dollars of cheaper, no one will buy the best sports car in the world. That’s why prices for the Camaro and Mustang are comparable. They go after the same group of customers. And a few hundred dollars could sway a prospective buyer from one to the other if there isn’t built-in brand loyalty running through the customer’s veins. Prices for 2019 see the Mustang increase slightly while the Camaro gets a price cut, according to a new report from CarsDirect. 

It's Mustang Vs. Camaro:

Buyers of the 2019 Ford Mustang EcoBoost will see the biggest jump in price. The starting price of the entry-level Mustang increases by $275. It now starts at $27,115, up from $26,745. However, Ford requires $95 more in its destination charge – up to $995 – meaning the Mustang EcoBoost sees a $370 price increase. The EcoBoost Premium price jumps from $31,760 to $32,130.  

The GT and Bullitt models don’t have any changes in base price; however, they are subject to the additional $95 included in the destination charge. What’s interesting is CarsDirect notes 2019 Mustangs have begun arriving at dealers at last month. A price increase a month into sales seems odd. 

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The Camaro, however, is seeing a price cut for the 2019 model. The base Camaro 1LS with its turbocharged 2.0-liter is $905 cheaper than before, starting at $27,490 when it arrives at dealerships this fall. Some Camaro trims see up to a $3,000 decrease in price. If you add the destination charge to the base price of the Mustang, the Camaro is $1,220 cheaper. The 2019 Mustang starts at $28,710. 

That’s a sizable price difference. It won’t sway a brand-loyal customer. However, it could change the mind of an aspiring sports car owner who isn’t dedicated to one brand or another. Throw some incentives on the hood of either, and money, not horsepower will determine which car someone buys. 


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