A 17-year-old girl growing up with five brothers and a bunch of male cousins; is it the setting for a new American sitcom, or our 10,000th Facebook fan? Get the story inside.

Midwesterner-turned-South Atlantic Becky Griffin is a 17-year-old American who has been into cars for a long time. Growing up with five brothers and lots of male cousins meant loads of hand-me-down Hot Wheels cars and trucks. Instead of having the fairy tale princess Barbie doll, Becky turned hers into a demolition derby champ, she said by e-mail.

Her father fueled these interests by taking Becky to auto shows and monster truck events. She's still a fan of the Bigfoot truck, recalling it looked as though "the tires [were]  the size of a building to me when I was little."

Becky says she keeps an eye on WorldCarFans for a number of reasons, and that "it is a treasure chest of professionally presented information."  Well, thanks for the compliment, Becky, and thanks for being a fan of the site!

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Teenage girl loves monster trucks: our 10,000th Facebook friend