There are two variants on the track together in this long clip.

Sit back and zone out to 15 minutes of the next-gen 911 lapping the Nürburgring. Seeing so many short clips of the upcoming sports car hypnotizes you within just a few moments and forces viewers to imagine what it's like to be behind the wheel of the new 911.

There are two variants of the next 911 on display in this clip, and the difference is most evident at the rear. Watching closely, you can notice that sometimes these cars have a single, large exhaust outlets on each side of the rear fascia. Other examples feature four pipes – two emerging from each corner. It's possible that one is the standard Carrera trim, and the other is the hotter Carrera S.

As evident here and in other spy shots, the new 911 looks familiar but still fresh. The headlights now have more of a rearward tilt, and there are creases in the hood. The car appears longer in profile, including an elongated roof and larger windows. At the rear, there's a skinny LED strip of taillights. An active wing is hidden at low speeds but tilts upward as velocities increase. 

Inside, previous photos reveal a major overhaul. A large, analog tachometer remains in the center, but digital instruments now flank it. A larger infotainment screen is at the top of the low center stack, and Porsche's designers create chunky switches for the other controls.

Unfortunately, powertrain details are still a mystery. We know that Porsche intends to keep using turbocharged engines for the Carrera and S. This mill could be an updated version of the 3.0-liter unit with a boost in output or a new powerplant. It's a secret that the German automaker is holding onto very closely.

All evidence points to the new 911 debuting before the end of the year – possibly at the Paris Motor Show in October. Sales likely wouldn't start until 2019, though. Spy photos already confirm that Turbo and convertible variants are under development. Look for them to arrive in a staggered fashion in the coming years.

Source: Automotive Mike via YouTube


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