Motorsport today is a bit frustrating for car lovers. Sure, there's more categories than ever, and pretty much every kind of car under the sun is used for competition of some kind.

However, regulation tends to stifle the innovation and wacky creations that motorsport once gave us.

Thankfully though, we have drifting. The only motorsport where you can see affordable Japanese cars powered by NASCAR engines face-off against flame-spitting muscle cars, Ferraris compete against hatchbacks, and so on. The sideways sport is as close to 'no rules' as you can get.

One of the most striking drift creations is Papdakis Racing's Toyota Corolla drift car. We've covered the 1000-bhp hatchback before, but now the Californian team behind arguably the greatest small car of all time has pulled back the curtain on the outrageous machine in a new video, which you can see above.

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2018 Drift Toyota Corolla
2018 Drift Toyota Corolla

The car was developed in close collaboration with Toyota Racing Development and automotive artist and designer Jon Sibal. The steel bodywork has been replaced with carbon and kevlar body panels, while the custom-built engine four-cylinder engine incorporates a Borg Warner EFR turbo and AEM Infinity-8 fuel injection. Papadakis Racing says it is its most powerful engine to-date, outdoing the Toyota Racing Development NASCAR engines it has used int he past

Fredric Aasbo, the driver of the rear-wheel-drive drift Corolla currently sits second in this year's Formula Drift standings with three rounds remaining.

Gallery: 2018 Drift Toyota Corolla

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