Next NCS will likely debut at the Shanghai auto show next month. The VW NCS is one of many sedan models in the brand's Chinese lineup.

Depending on where you live, here are several "leaked" images of the upcoming 2011 Chinese market Volkswagen NCS (New Compact Sedan).

Some may say this vehicle looks familiar, and they would be correct, because this is the same vehicle as the all-new sixth-generation Volkswagen Jetta revealed last year in the U.S.

The images come from a leaky Chinese government patent office and VW is planning to launch this new compact sedan in China this year.

Details on it are scarce but it seems VW may be treading somewhat on the success of the A4 and A4L Chinese-market models. is reporting that Shanghai-VW will be producing the NCS while FAW-VW will work on a facelifted Magotan (B7 Passat).

How it will fit inside Volkswagen's product strategy for China is another question as both the present generation Chinese Passat, also known as the B6, and the new North American Passat (formerly known as the NMS) are factors to be reckoned with.

VW sells the current fifth generation Jetta in China under the name Sagitar.

The new Volkswagen NCS will likely make its debut at the Shanghai motor show next month. 

Confused?  Us too.

Chinese-market Volkswagen Jetta set for Shanghai debut