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Watching high-end supercars drag race never gets old. One, it’s a pure form of racing that’s more about the machine than man – usually. It’s an equitable medium to measure performance, and in this race, we have a  2016 Lamborghini Huracán LP 610-4 up against a 2018 Mercedes-AMG GT R. You can place a bet on which you’d think would win, but in the end, we’re all winners for watching. 

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The Mercedes is newer, making 577 horsepower from its twin-turbocharged V8 engine. The Huracán has two more cylinders but is naturally aspirated. Its V10 makes 602 hp. Both send power to the wheels through seven-speed dual-clutch transmissions; however, they power a different number of wheels. The GT R is rear-wheel drive while the Huracán has all-wheel drive. Considering the two are close in weight – there’s about an eight-pond difference – this race will come down to putting power to the pavement. 

The video showcases two race – a standing-start quarter-mile first followed by a rolling race starting at 40 miles per hour. The first race has the Huracán taking a massive lead over the GT R right from the start. The Huracán’s all-wheel drive gives it a better launch off the line, and the GT R is unable to keep up. The Huracán pulls away through the entire race. Things are different during the second race though. Both start at 40 mph and the two stay close to one another. The GT R is able to keep up with the Huracán, which only had a slight lead – maybe half a car length – when the race ended at 150 mph.

This is just another example of how all-wheel drive can change the outcome of a race. And it makes sense, too. Powering four wheels means the car can use more power that’s coming from the engine. This provides better grip, which translates into faster acceleration.

Source: DragTimes

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