Compact SUV from Chinese automaker Guangzhou Auto Corp (GAC) is based on the Alfa Romeo 166 platform.

Guangzhou Auto Corp (GAC) has let slip these two rendered images to the net on its upcoming X-Power SUV.

GAC seems to be wasting no time in using the Alfa Romeo 166 platform that the Chinese automaker recently acquired to build this new SUV model which will likely debut at the Shanghai auto show next month.

The renderings published here appear to be pre-production images of the vehicle but likely close to what the final product will look like. GAC premiered a concept version of the X-Power SUV last year.

The design does seem to have some Alfa flair, especially when looking at those shoulder lines and rounded ends. The SUV is also likely to sport a 2.0 liter unit based on Alfa technology.

They've been saying the Chinese are coming for years but it is just a matter of time before Chinese-badged and/or China-produced vehicles make it to the Western world.

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