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WARNING: The following video contains scenes of a graphic nature for Lamborghini fans. Viewer discretion is advised. :)

In a bizarre incident, a Lamborghini Gallardo owner vented his frustration with the vehicle by having it destroyed on World Consumer Rights Day.

As the story goes, the Chinese man purchased the car six months ago and the engine failed to start in November. The hapless buyer contacted the local Lamborghini dealer and made arrangements to have it taken in for service. Sadly, when the car was returned, the problem wasn't fixed and the Gallardo was damaged during transport.

Understandably upset, the owner tried to get the dealership to make amends but to no avail. Following the incident, the man reached out to Lamborghini and company CEO Stephan Winkelmann. When this didn't resolve the situation, the owner decided to draw attention to his complaints by having the car destroyed in public. According to the owner, luxury brands are exploiting China and not delivering the same quality and service as they do elsewhere in the world.

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