Is this something a BMW engineer is building as a favor to his hillbilly cousin?

Or maybe BMW is working up to a nice big prank the rather haughty Bavarian brand will play on us this coming April 1st?

We don't know.

All we do know is that our spy photographers have just shot a BMW M3 Pickup. Yes, an M3 done El Camino-style, doing some testing at the Nürburgring circuit.

They checked and the car is indeed registered to BMW and wears the standard black and white camouflage that the automaker likes to use.

The body is an M3 reduced to two doors with the rear half of the car converted into a real pickup bed. Maybe BMW needs it to run parts really, really quickly from one facility to another. Well, that's what the link loving blokes at Jalopnik have been told.

Incidentally, today was the first day of the 2011 testing season at the Nürburgring and you'd think BMW had more important issues to attend to.

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