Italian tuner Panzani Design wanted to give a new heart to the Jaguar S Type R and this is their creation - the Vintage GT.

The Florence-based coach-builder has been around for 50 years doing its "extreme personalization" thing. And here it adds a wide body kit, including wheel arches and widened bumpers, to extend the stance of the S Type R by 100 mm. Although, that's only where things begin.

The new front bumper comes with air intakes while wire mesh trim gives the headlights that 70s look. The front spoiler includes LED daytimers, and the bonnet has gills too. At the rear are new LED taillights in a round, 70s-Italian-supercar styling and a bulging-bumper with a massive diffuser and 100 mm double, center-mounted exhaust pipes.

Side skirts and air intakes behind the front wheel arches also adorn the sides of the Vintage GT.

All body paneling comes in a new intense, gray lava color devised by Panzani.

For the wheels are 10 x 20-inchers at the front in 255/35R20 tires, and 12 x 20-inch rims at the rear axle with 305/30R20 tires. The suspension is also lowered by 40 mm.

On the inside is a leather and Alcantara finish for the cabin in an original stitching that continues with the theme struck on the outside.

This is Florence, after all, and it comes with it's own sense of flair.

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