Swedish crew convert Scirocco into a snow eating beast with its 2.0 liter TFSI engine dialed up to the 627 PS (461 kW / 618 bhp).

This is a serious VW Scirocco, the work of a crew in Sweden, with its 2.0 liter turbocharged unit tricked out to produce 627 PS (461 kW / 618 bhp) to power the adapted all-wheel drive system.

We can only guess at the rest, since not many details come with this video.

Looking inside the engine bay we can see that bowling ball sized turbo as well as the longitudinally-mounted engine. Consequently, we can only assume that this snow-munching AWD Scirocco is using an adaptation of Audi's own quattro all-wheel drive system and not the Haldex system typically found in VWs with transversely mounted engines. The standard VW Scirocco is a FWD-only model, including the Scirocco R.  

Racing on snow/ice is not easy. Not necessarily dangerous but very difficult to keep traction at a level like this.

Fun stuff.

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