14 people were also injured as a result of the storm.

Summer in full swing, that means it's not uncommon for certain parts of the country to experience extreme weather patterns. A zoo in Colorado recently saw the worst of it; videos uploaded on social media show a freak hailstorm that injured multiple visitors and animals, and damaged a few hundred cars.

The incident happened at around 3 P.M. A storm swept through the Colorado Springs, Colorado-based Cheyenne Mountain Zoo raining down softball-sized hail on more than 3,600 guests. Fourteen zoo-goers were injured – and eight sent to the hospital – and two birds were killed. Zoo officials estimate that more than 400 cars were damaged or destroyed, including the car of a user who uploaded the video you see below.


"Just an overwhelming feeling rushing through everyone’s minds and hearts," said the user who uploaded the Instagram video from the safety of a restaurant. "You can sense the tension in everyone. We made it to the pizza restaurant at the zoo just before the hail came. Food has stopped for safety reasons and everyone is just quiet and staring or videoing this storm."

Other videos, uploaded by users outside of zoo grounds, show cars being pelted in parking lots and on public roads. A number of these vehicles suffered from smashed windshields and dented bodies as a result of the storm.

Following the incident, the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo announced that it would be closed the next day, August 7th, to clean up the mess. "It was a hailstorm I've never seen before," said Jenny Koch, marketing director for Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, in an interview with KRDO.

Source:  ABC News

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