Dennis accumulated 12 penalty points under the U.K. system for infractions such as speeding and running a red light.

McLaren chairman and former Formula One boss Ron Dennis has be banned from driving for six months for running a red light in the U.K.

"Our executive chairman's driving licence [sic] has been suspended for six months following four minor traffic infringements that resulted in 12 penalty points being accrued," said a McLaren spokesperson last Friday.

Dennis had already accumulated 9 demerit points for speeding until the last incident, the running of a red light last September, led a U.K. magistrate court to revoke his driver's license for six months.

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"There were only two other cars around but I felt that it would be more prudent to continue rather than stop," said Dennis, claiming he was being followed by a friend behind him and didn't want to stop abruptly for fear of causing a crash.

Dennis pleaded with the court not to take away his driving privileges since he needs an automobile to care for his children on weekends. Dennis is divorced.

Dennis stepped down as head McLaren's Formula One division to focus on the development and launch of the McLaren MP4-12C.

Album featured here is of the recently released MP4-12C GT3.

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