Sequel to the Cars film features star race car Lightning McQueen and his rusty tow-truck sidekick Mater involved in international intrigue.

Disney-Pixar have released an extended trailer for the upcoming animated film Cars 2 set for release this summer.

Cars 2 is the sequel to the successful Cars film released in 2006. In the new film, star race car Lightning McQueen and his best friend and rusty old tow-truck Mater embark on a worldwide adventure while helping out a British intelligence agent named Finn McMissile voiced by Michael Caine.

McQueen is voiced by actor Owen Wilson while the voice of Mater is the work of a comedian known as Larry the Cable Guy.

The film will be shown in 3D too. Both in the Disney Digital 3DTM and IMAX® 3D formats.

Cars 2 will be released June 24 in North America and will debut in the U.K. on July 22nd.