Where else will you see Koenigseggs and a new McLaren Senna sitting unattended in grass?

Lots of people enjoy going to races, car shows, or other special car-related activities. The main event is obviously the focal point of everyone’s attention, but there’s a pseudo-secret second event taking place that car enthusiasts generally love. It doesn’t matter if you’re at a minor-league stage rally event in the middle of winter, or a major brouhaha with a whos-who list of attendees. Whenever cool car stuff happens, there will be cool cars parked in the nearby lot.

Highlights from Goodwood:

Case in point is this 20-minute YouTube video from AdamC3046. The footage comes from this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed, but it’s not showing us the on-track action. Rather, the video is entirely shot in the grass parking areas for the famous hill climb, and let’s just say the place isn’t filled with lifted Ram pickup trucks and the occasional Audi. The fact that we see a Lamborghini Countach within the first 20 seconds of the video should give you an idea of the what to expect.

In fact, the car park at Goodwood would be an astoundingly awesome car show on its own at pretty much any other time. Our videographer proves as much with some footage of rare rides you’d normally struggle to see through crowds at a stand-alone event. At Goodwood, however, they’re parked in the grass next to hatchbacks.

Carspotting At Goodwood
Carspotting At Goodwood
Carspotting At Goodwood
Carspotting At Goodwood

The carspotting adventure spans three days and covers the normal parking area, and the “performance” lot that costs a premium. The standard lot is home to many sweet rides – the Countach is first spotted there after all – but the performance lot is definitely the place to park your supercar. Some of the notable machines spotted here are a Lamborghini Diablo, all kinds of Porsches, and pretty much every McLaren ever made – including a brand new Senna. It’s pretty much the only place on Planet Earth where a green Lamborghini Huracán Performante just doesn’t stand out enough to attract attention.

Click play on the video, sit back, and enjoy 20 minutes of some of the best carspotting you’ll probably find anywhere. It’s definitely worth your time.

Source: AdamC3046 via YouTube

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