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Everyone loves go-kart racing, and we do mean everyone. Small tracks with small cars using lawnmower engines, what’s not to love? The only drawbacks to the amateur go-karting scene are having to wait in line for your five minutes of racing glory, and, of course, having to buy a ticket for each run. This epic home seeks to solve these problems, but to claim it you’ll need to swap $10 tickets for a one-time fee of $2,950,000 (£2,279,081). That’s a lot of tickets.

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We saw this awesome home on uncrate; it’s for sale in Ireland and offered through Stanley Best, which is where these photos come from. We don’t have specific details on the track but as you can see, it’s not some hastily built oval in a sketchy backyard. The course offers multiple layouts, with a race control office that has all kinds of cool looking stuff inside, not to mention its own kitchen. There’s a workshop to tweak the karts, and the home listing also says the track is MSA approved. We aren’t entirely sure what that means, but it sounds official so we love it.

Home with go-kart track
Home with go-kart track

We should also mention that there’s an actual home included in the sale price, and it’s not too shabby either. The pictures show us plenty of space inside and a very nice three-car garage that we suspect is home to some very exquisite automobiles. There’s also a massive indoor swimming pool, sauna, cinema room, helicopter pad, and while you’re racing on the track there’s a playground for the kids. Come to think of it this whole place looks like a playground for kids – and adults who have no intention of ever growing up.

We can’t quite swing $2.9 million, but the racing office has a kitchen and presumably a bathroom and honestly, that’s all we need. How much for just the track?

Source:, Stanley Best


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