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Earlier this year, Lincoln announced its commitment to cars – however, it didn't say for how long. The luxury brand's promise came with an alleged announcement of the Continental receiving suicide doors. That was before Ford announced its shift away from cars to crossovers and SUVs, which puts the MKZrumored last year to be on thin ice – and the Continental's future in jeopardy. If the two sedans disappear, it opens Lincoln's lineup for a slew of new crossovers and variants – such as this Lincoln Aviator Coupe. 

If Lincoln is looking to appeal to a swathe of new customers quickly, creating new body styles from already existing products makes sense. Mercedes has a few examples. The rendering here gives the otherwise blocky Aviator, which will look much like the concept, a sportier appearance. It's a good rending that provides a peek at what such a vehicle could look like if the company decides to diversify its portfolio.

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The rendering gives the SUV a new greenhouse, with a sloped windshield, low-slung roof, and sweeping tailgate that blends into the rear fascia above the taillights. The design doesn't look terrible, but it is an acquired taste many could do without. The Aviator's swooping roofline looks similar to that found on the Mercedes GLC Coupe, which is luxurious in its own right. 

If Lincoln discontinues the MKZ and Continental, which feels likely considering the state of sedan sales in the U.S., the automaker will think of new products to excite customers. There's a reason Mercedes has the GLE and GLC coupe – people buy them. It gives otherwise bland crossovers a stand-out design feature that says “I'm functional yet sporty.” The Lincoln Aviator Coupe is trying to mimic the same confidence. 

This rendering isn't proof the automaker would ever make such a product. However, if Lincoln hopes to flesh out its lineup, then an Aviator Coupe would be an easy way to compete directly with the Germans. A small batch of customers may want their new Continental with suicide doors, but that doesn't mean they'll buy one if Lincoln builds it.

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