Seibu Keisatsu was an action-packed cop show that ran for 236 episodes in Japan in the early 1980s. Nissan was a major sponsor of it, and for an upcoming book in Japan, the company pulled some of the weird cruisers out of the Heritage Collection. While the show might not have name recognition in the rest of the world, the wild, custom police cars from the program are so cool that they need to be seen. 

These Cool Cop Cars Are Worth Checking Out:

Among the most eye-catching vehicles in the series is a customized Nissan 280ZX that goes by the moniker Super Z. It features a bizarre gullwing door setup where the lower portion opens normally, but there's also a separate vertically hinged panel. The video even shows that this setup is functional because by turning the key, the vertical section can electrically open or close. There are also machine guns mounted on the hood. Inside, there's an assortment of computers for all sorts of high-tech police work.

The contemporary Nissan Skyline also had a starring role in the show. These coupes looked a little more stock compared to the Z car but still had some neat crime-fighting modifications. One of them features massive whip antennas and a red light that deploys from the side. Another appears to have guns mounted on the roof, and they all have stylish basketweave-style wheels with bronze centers.

A droptop version of the Nissan Gazelle also had a spot in the fleet. It featured a phone inside, which was a high-tech amenity by the standards of the early '80s.

Unfortunately, this video is entirely in Japanese, but these fascinating Nissans transcend the language barrier. Based on these vehicles, it seems like Seibu Keisatsu was the amazing combination of Miami Vice and Knight Rider that America never got.

Source: 日産自動車株式会社 via YouTube

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