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Ford’s much-loved Pony Car has hit a new milestone. At least, we think so – word is that the 10 millionth Mustang is now complete at the company’s Flat Rock, Michigan assembly plant. A few places have said that number 10 million is coming this week, and we've heard through our own sources that a big announcement and ceremony from Ford is slated for Wednesday. In the meantime, official_ford_guy on Instagram – who also happens to be media maven Evan J. Smith – nabbed a couple photos of the car he’s saying is the actual 10 millionth model.


If Smith is correct, it appears this milestone Mustang is a rather non-descript 5.0-liter convertible wearing a simple shade of white. Of course, these days a non-descript V8 Mustang GT droptop is still a $46,000 ride packing 460 horsepower (343 kilowatts) from its 5.0-liter Coyote V8. The Instagram post doesn’t mention anything about options, but a GT convertible only comes in Premium trim. That automatically means leather climate-controlled seats with Ford’s SYNC 3 system and the mondo nine-speaker stereo. Still, we don’t see any special striping or other add-ons that would otherwise suggest this is something special. That is, except for one very notable option.

The Bullitt is back:


In the first Instagram post showing the car on the assembly line, Smith said this car was Wimbledon White. That color option isn’t available for 2019 Mustangs, and Ford history buffs will recall that the very first Mustang Ford sold was a pre-production convertible wearing – you guessed it – Wimbledon White. That’s not to be confused with the first retail Mustang sold, which was a blue 1965 model that went to a Chicago school teacher. Suddenly, this non-descript Mustang makes all kinds of sense.

Another interesting tidbit could be found in the hashtags on this post, one of which says #notforsale. It could well mean this car will be destined for the Ford archives, but we've heard that it will be on display at the upcoming Woodward Dream Cruise – an event which sees 40,000 cars and also happens to have Ford as a major sponsor.

We’re standing by on the official press release from Ford to give us full disclosure on this very special Mustang milestone. Look for that coming on Wednesday.

Source:, official_ford_guy via Instagram

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