Here's some interesting footage of several Aventadors parket outside. Looking pretty amazing in natural light, it appears the herd of bulls are getting ready to be shipped off.

A white Aventador is started up and revved with little fanfare. In fact, the exhaust sound is a bit underwhelming. However, this can be explained by a few possibilities such as the poor sound quality of the mobile phone used to take the footage, the dual-mode exhaust system in the "quiet" setting (if equipped), and that the vehicle was started cold which limits revs to 5000. When warmed up the full 8000 redline is available.

If you'll recall, we had a much better sample of the Aventador's sound in a previous teaser video but it seems that this engine really doesn't start to sing until it's past 6000 rpm.

Well, at least we get a nice view of the cool intrument cluster.

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