Award-winning graphic-designer Stefan Sagmeister created the concept for the book.

BMW has issued a book celebrating its support of the arts over the last 40 years - a book with wheels that can be driven by remote control.

The book is the work of Grammy-award winning graphic designer Stefan Sagmeister, who has designed album covers for the likes of the Rolling Stones and Talking Heads.

"In a publication about all the cultural activities of the BMW Group it made sense to include four hidden wheels and a remote control that allows readers to drive the book around the room. Culture really moves," says Sagmeister in the BMW press release.

There is more hidden art in the book covers. When each cover from the 1488 hand-signed copies of the book are arranged in proper numerical order, they depict an abstract representation of BMW's Munich headquarters from a bird's eye view - a building nick-named the 'four-cylinder' built by architect Karl Schwanzer in 1972.

The book is not for sale and covers BMW projects regarding contemporary art, jazz and classical music, as well as architecture and design.

BMW board member Frank-Peter Arndt will present the book at a press event today in Berlin.

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