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Just a few days ago, the brave guy from YouTube’s Hoovies Garage channel bought himself a used 2005 Rolls-Royce Phantom for just $80,000. That’s half the sum for a new BMW M760i and is a relatively fair price for a 13-years old car in good overall condition.

Did we say good condition? Oh, sorry – the car actually has a lot of issues and in the next couple of weeks, its new owner will be slowly discovering how expensive it’s going to be to fix all the problems. Don’t feel too bad for the poor guy, because he knew exactly what he was getting into with the cheapest Phantom on sale in the United States.

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Now, about the issues. First and foremost, there’s an air suspension error code on the dashboard – is it a pump or is it just a sensor? A diagnostic will tell for sure. There’s also a problem with the front power windows, as well as something wrong with the navigation system display. Oh, and the sunroof doesn’t work, too.

The tour de fail continues with the exterior – the trim piece on the left side of the hood is vulgarly glued and the other piece has corrosion on it. The gorgeous 21-inch wheels are missing most of their chrome pieces and have scratches, but new alloys are just not an option at $4,000 each.

There’s something critically bad with this Phantom, too. As we pointed out in our previous story, it’s missing the umbrellas in the rear doors and a new pair costs $900. There’s also a scratch on the rear bumper, but that’s really a minor thing.

A quick read with an error code scanner shows there’s also a problem with the CD player and passenger door control module. Fortunately, everything looks relatively fine with the engine aside from a few small leaks.

Source: Hoovies Garage on YouTube

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